Per-material translucency sort-priority?

I have a glass-tube where the outside needs to be glass and the inside needs to be fluid. I need the glass to always appear above the fluid, but by default the two are randomly deciding who’s in front. The mesh needs to be one single mesh. I cannot split the mesh into two separate meshes and change each mesh’s translucency order. Is there a way to change translucency sort-priority per-material rather than per-mesh?

Why not? Just make a new actor with two static mesh components and put them in there. Behaves like a single static mesh actor but with two meshes in it.

Not aware of any way to do this.

The assets in question are already some pretty complex blueprints, and there are ~50 meshes that would need to be split, a third of which are edge-cases that the main blueprint does not catch and had to be set up by hand.
Since I wrote this morning found a way to create a new static-mesh-component and assign it’s mesh based on the name of the first mesh without having to re-write my entire blueprint like I thought I would - but I’m still academically interested in a solution problem that lies in per-material translucency sorting, especially since there are still some instances where what I did would not work, but I can ignore since they are not situations that would ever occur with my current project.

At this point in researching and tinkering I’m pretty confident there is not a per-material translucency priority solution that is performant due to graphics programming reasons rather than anything specific to UE4, and that per-mesh is the only way to go.