‘Penetrators’ is a game inspired by ‘Blade - The Edge of Darkness’, ‘Demon’s Souls’ and ‘Dark Souls’ series.

As you can see from the gameplay videos, this game is a mobile game with a combat system based on ‘Stamina System’, ‘Goal-oriented Circle Side Movement’, and ‘Back View’. And it supports ‘Realtime Network Deathmatch(Maximum 6 players)’.

Therefore, you can get a lot of feelings similar to ‘Demon’s Souls’ and ‘Dark Souls’ series in operation. But it’s not exactly the same as it’s being developed on a mobile basis, because it’s a variant of rules.

This game has been developed for many years as an ‘One Person Project’.
I made this game in hopes that ‘I would like to enjoy the battle with the phantoms of the Dark Souls series on my iPhone!!!’. In order to be faithful to the wishes, I have worked hard, studied and implemented for many years alone.

Currently, this game is only supported on Steam.
(I hope this game supports iOS and Android too. However, since this game was created with Unreal Engine 3, the creation of the iOS and Android version of this game requires the cooperation of Epic Games. Therefore, we can not guarantee the iOS and Android version at this time.)
The Steam version of this game will be released in the 1st half of 2021.

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Facebook (Korean)…7434782125576/

This movie is a video about ‘1 vs 1 Network Death Match’ in ‘Penetrators’.
This movie is the same video as the previous video, but it is a video that my friend took with the camera.

This movie is a video about ‘6 Players Network Death Match’ in ‘Penetrators’.

In ‘Penetrators’, the maximum number of players in ‘Network Death Match’ is 6.
So, up to 6 players can intrude into the ‘Network Death Match’.

Even though this game is a ‘mobile game’, it allows free intrusion.
Players can enter the game directly without waiting.

Hello everyone!
I am very embarrassed because there is a long gap between posts.
I did not neglect my work.
In the future, I will post short news about my project frequently.

The below pictures show the entrance of ‘The Wizards Village’ I made these days.

While playing, the player will perform various missions around this place.

The below pictures are the inside of the ‘The Wizards Village’.

The player can buy or sell weapons, amulets, food, potions, etc in the village.
Raising level or awakening abilities can also be done here.

And you can get a lot of information through conversations with people in the village.
I am developing my game so that the player reads many lame jokes during conversations with the village people.
But it is very hard for me to laugh in English and Korean because I am poor English. T_T
Anyway, I am working as much as possible to make a lot of people laugh with my game. ^^ ;;;;

Thank you for your interest in my writing.
Have a nice day.

You are doing a great job. Following on Facebook.

I am just a foolish and persistent person. ^^ ;;;
Thank you for following.

Hi Kehoon Ahn. You’re making great progress. Keep it up!

Hello Nathaniel3W.
I am referring to a lot of interior design from your game. ^^;;;;
Your game gives me a lot of teaching, especially in the map design part.
Thanks for your interest.

We all are!(thats why this part of the forum exst :wink: ) And dont think about that you coud look like neglecting work as no one is thinking such a thing.The reason to have such thoughts is simple>

24 hours in a day from which we need a few to live,a few to work and the rest is sleep.A person just cant have more arms and heads to do more with the given time.I am the one who posts the least about personal project due to the same reasons and tend to keep the bang quietly until the end, so for me, you are doing ok.

One thing just bugs me a litle since some time.Dont you think that skirt looks maybe a litle too modern for the character? I try to eat my daily dose of internet jrpg waifus :o , and i think,when you have the time that you shoud revisit the design.No need to remodel it and lose all those painted weights,but you coud get away with some alpha polygone strips that will extend the skirt and give it that fantasy look.

Hello everyone! ^^
Nowadays I am working on implementing some of the contents of the testers’ report.
I am concentrating on the work that focuses on factors that enhance the completeness and convenience.

Now this game allows players to setup skills and items in the dialog window below.

This game can be equipped with up to 9 skills or items in the slots. @_@;;;;
If you press the change button in the red rectangle below, the slots will change in the order you set.


This game shows 3 slots on the game screen, so the items change in 3 units.
And the pictures below are an example of changing every time you press the change button.

This feature allows the game to switch between 9 skills and items quickly and easily.
Compared to last year version, players can use more skill and items quickly and conveniently.
It is expected that the use of skill and item will be frequent in network deathmatch. ^^
( Note that last year version had only one skill and item slot, and no setup window at all. ^^;;;; )

And while network deathmatch I knew that there were too few players using ‘Easy Evasion’. ^^;;;;

This game offers ‘Easy Evasion’ and ‘Normal Evasion’.
‘Easy Evasion’ is a one-touch input that triggers the evasion, strategic disadvantage is that there are only 3 evasion directions.
‘Normal Evasion’ are two-touch inputs(movement + guard button) that trigger the evasion, it is strategically advantageous because it provides 8-way evasion.

If the players are really complete beginners, they need ‘Easy Evasion’.
But if they get used to this game a little bit, they seem to prefer ‘Normal Evasion’.

So ‘Easy Evasion’ is treated as an option and removed from the default settings.

If you need ‘Easy Evasion’, you can set it in option as below.

Because I thought it was better to follow the testers’ opinion,
the default setting is to avoid ‘Easy Evasion’.

Thank you for your interest in my writing. ^^
Have a nice day.

Hello everyone! ^^
Nowadays, I spend a lot of time working on improving the motions in my game. It takes about 15 minutes to modify one frame of motion. If I modify 20~30 frames, I will spend one day with one motion. I am spending a lot of days in such a job these days. T_T

Honestly, it is not fun and tedious. But because it is an inevitable and important part, I am patient and hard working. So I feel like I’m having a bit of a complicated day these days. ^^ ;;;;;

Anyway, nowadays my main work is improvement of motions, so there is not much to show visually.

By the way, I accidentally found the game controller (DualShock 3) when I cleaned up the room. So I curiously connected to my game and modified the button and stick to match the input function of my game.

Oh~~~ What is this? My game is much more fun. @_@;;;;
( This is not a lie, it is 3 times more fun than iOS version. ^^;;;; )
I have also confirmed that the game has to be manipulated with the game controller to make game play much better.

So I changed my mind. Originally this game was intended to support iOS only. I am now developing my game to support both iOS and Steam. Perhaps the Steam version of ‘Penetrators’ will be released sooner. ^^

Thank you for your interest in my writing. (- -)(_ _)
Have a nice day.

I tried using udk with a ps4 controler but it doesnt work.I supose a ps3 and x360 is the max.I supose there shoud be a way to make it work as the dualshock 3 and 4 are so similar.

I used the below link method to connect the UDK to ‘DualShock 3’.…DS2-Controller

I am using ‘DualShock 3’ on Windows 7 and Windows 10 in the way of the above link.
( First of all, Xbox 360 controller driver must be installed in Windows 7 before installation by the above link method.
Windows 10 does not require the Xbox 360 controller driver to be installed because the Xbox 360 controller driver is built-in by default. )

And I guess the UDK can recognize ‘DualShock 4’ by the below link method.

I do not have ‘DualShock 4’. So I can not be sure of the above link method.
However, since both methods access Playstation controller using ‘XInput Wrapper’ I think the possibility of recognizing ‘DualShock 4’ by the above link method is high.

I hope you succeed. Good luck to you.

Hey [USER=“758”]Keehoon Ahn[/USER] I don’t know if anyone has suggested this or if it’s something you’ve been working on. I’ve noticed that your user interface is very cluttered and it takes up a lot of the screen.

I think if you’re making a mobile game you could make it look a lot better by getting rid of most of the UI and training the player to interact with the game without all the UI elements. Maybe a detailed tutorial or training missions could get the player to use gestures to control the game. Or maybe you could move and shrink the UI elements or combine them somehow. I’m not sure how exactly you could change the UI and still keep the game playable, but I think it would look a lot better with a simplified UI.

Hello Nathaniel3W. ^^
You looked carefully at the screen UI of my game. Your observing power is great.

My game’s current UI is still composed of UI for mobile touch interface.
Therefore, My game’s current UI is not suitable for a PC game. For a PC game, I think that the UI of my current game should be simplified. I agree with your opinion.

There are a lot of things that need to be done to fix the UI for a PC game.
So after the work to improve the motions is finished, I will modify my game UI for a PC game.

But I think My game’s current UI is very good for a mobile game.
If you’ve played “Dark Souls” or “Demon’s Souls”, I am sure you will know that it is impossible to simplify than the current UI in MOBILE TOUCH INTERFACE.
(And I already created a tutorial stage for my game’s mobile UI.)

So I’m going to make my game have both a UI for a PC game and a UI for a mobile game.
And I will modify my game so that it can analyze the environment of system and select the appropriate UI automatically.

I have more things to do for my game. @_@;;;;;
Our life is a path of suffering.
There is no easy thing in our life. Hahahahaha ^^;;;;;

Hello everyone! ^^
I’m posting my post on this thread for a very long time. I am a little awkward and embarrassed right now. ^^;;;;;;

Recently I have been concentrating mainly on converting the mobile version of my game to the PC version (Steam version) and my game online play (death match, battle royale) using AWS (Amazon Web Service).

I am glad that the PC version of my game renders characters and backgrounds much better than the mobile version of my game. -_-
Perhaps the PC version can use a lot of post processing, and the PC version is supposed to be smooth with dynamic shadow processing. That’s why I think the PC version looks better than the mobile version.

And as I said before, I feel that the PC version is much better than the mobile version because it is optimized for game pad. Even if you do not have a game pad, this game also supports keyboard and mouse operations so you do not have to worry about playing this game. This is partly due to the slower development time. T_T

The online play (death match, battle royale) with AWS is not shown in the picture. Because it is not fun to look at the source code of the server network part in the picture. ^^;;;; So I think this part should prove to be a quick game release.

Perhaps between June and July of this year I will release my game as early access via Steam.
And my game’s online test is going to work together. Since this game has been developed by ‘1 person project’, I did not have a chance to do an online test with a large number of people connected. So I can only publish my game as early access. I will notify about this in the future.

Thank you for your interest in my writing. Have a nice day. ^^

That is an Absolutely great decision, hope it goes well with steam, well i am sure it will, send us a link if you want a review : ).

Thanks. I will send you a link to review my game and a gift code to get good items in my game. ^^

I promise that I will send a gift code in my game to everyone who wrote comment on this thread before my game is released.

The mobile version looks nice, the main difference with the pc are the shadow map resolution. It’s possible to use higher values like in the pc version?

I have done a lot of hard work and experimentation to improve the light and shadow of the mobile version of my game for a long time. Although mobile UE3 uses a high-resolution shadow map, it is SURPRISINGLY similar to the above picture. @_@;;;;;

I suppose that mobile UE3 will forcibly limit the light build option because of the small RAM size of the mobile device. Therefore, I think that high resolution shadow map is not meaningful in mobile UE3.

Thanks for your interest. ^^
After I release my game, I will send you a gift code to get good items from my game, too.