peak particle count


I’m wondering if anyone out there knows how the peak particle count is calculated in a particle system, and if there is any way of increasing that count.
it’s mostly for curiosity sakes, as I cannot find a thing on it when searching through the documentation, and the only way I’ve raised it above ~1000 is by
increasing the spawn count beyond ridiculous levels. (15k or more)

Now, I could be misunderstanding how the spawn rate works and such, and apart from one particle effect I’d like to make which involves creating a starfield
over a very large area, there’s not much practical use for extending past the calculated peak, but I would be very grateful if someone could enlighten
me to how it all works.

No you are not really mis-understanding it. Creating a starfield in 1 particle system will be really bad approach, Anyway there is a max particle count in your required emitter which limits how many particles are displayed at any given time on screen.

I’ve noticed that max particle count, but from what I can tell, it only determines how many particles out of the system are rendered, rather than affecting the actual
amount of particles spawned, whereas I was curious as to what decides how many particles are actually created.

Either way, I’ll avoid creating a single starfield then. I’ll see how it goes with multiple or perhaps I can create a single very small starfield that is localised around the player,
so no matter how far the player goes, the player always has stars to fly on past.

Thank you for the response :slight_smile:

There is a limit for CPU particles as far as i know. Use GPU particles if you can, then you can have hundreds of thousands of particles.