Pdo pom


How do we actually setup PDO to have those nice intersections when using POM? I get all sort of weird results and couldn’t figure it out.

This is what I have currently.

You are not telling it how high or low it should go. Try adding scalars to the min and max steps inputs and then adjust thoes valuesand see if that gives you the results you are looking for.

The “Pixel Depth Offset” output should go into the Pixel Depth Offset input on your final material input node.

“Parallax UVs” is what should be plugged in to the UVs of your texture samples. Andrew made a tutorial/doc the other day.

Thank you.

Following that tutorial I get it working but within a radius from the camera my texture becomes darker.

I forget when it was discussed in the stream, but it looks like maybe it’s shadowing itself? I think they said you had to disable casting shadows or something like that.

Yes. It was mentioned at the end of the wiki tutorial as well. Currently pixel depth offset only affects shadow receiving, not shadow casting. That means the PDO surface will receive its own non-PDO shadow. For now the only solution is to disable cast shadows for PDO meshes, or skip PDO for meshes that need to cast shadows.