PDO Material bug?

Hello i just wanted to check with you here on the forums about this issue im having =P
We recently update our project from 4.19 to 4.22 (I know this is not smart to do during productionan and probably even dumber after game has been released as in our case xD we did it for business reasons)
Anyway, so the issue im having is that we used the PDO (pixel depth offset) function alot in our environment meshes to get a quick and simple blend. When we updated to 4.22 all material that had something hooked up to PDO and was set to 0 (for example some instances of materials that shuld not have any PDO) was getting these black moray pattern artefacts. Its an easy fix by just a) Make a new parent material without anything hooked into the PDO or b) setting the value to like 0.001 as long as its not 0.
I basically just wanted to know if this is intended or a engine bug that has come into later releases?