pcg spawn actors have zero scale.

I’m spawning in actors using the new PCG system. They spawn, look, and work correctly in viewport but prevent any build or compile because PCG rewrites their scale to be nearly zero.

This last one shows the same actor manually in the scene looking all identical like, but with the correct default scale. Note how they look the same as the PCG ones, but the scale is 1. If I delete the pcg ones the build and cook are fine. Those static mesh spawners have identical node layouts and do not throw this zero scale problem.

Were it not a bug this wouldn’t be necessary, but as a workaround I threw in a multiplier on the scale to double it (this brings that very tiny scale up into a range that is acceptable for the build). Then it works. Would love to see some documentation on the individual PCG nodes ins and outs so those of us who are new aren’t fumbling in the dark as we learn.

Transform points, setting absolute scale to true fix this issue for me.