PC Server and Oculus Quest Clients. Multiplayer help!

I’m trying to make a multiplayer game where there’s a “god” on pc joined by various Oculus Quest clients in vr. But every time i call the join session on the quest, its finds the session created by pc, the on success is fired on join session, but my player doesn’t join the server. (OnPostLogin is not run) Anyone has any experience with this?

Let me try to describe what I did:

PC starts by play in editor, press J to create session on LAN (All devices connected to router). On success, openlevel the same map with -listen.

Launch on quest, left thumbstick leads to find sessions. Get the first session found and join it. Join success runs and “Join success” printed. Get’s transported to the correct server map but cannot see the server player. Server also cannot see client. The GM OnPostLogin is not run.

Any help with this is appreciated!

It could be PIE issue. Have you tried packaging it for PC, run the packaged build and test it? Also, if you do find a solution about this, can you please post it?