PBR Rendering?

I am new to mobile development and I am not really up to scratch on the graphical power.

Are PBR materials supported for mobiles? If so can Substances be used in mobile projects?

I know that tighter optimizations are needed in terms of graphics for mobiles but I am not to sure where to start looking to check what kind of assets and tools can be used for a 3D art workflow for mobile games.

I’ll be focusing my projects for mobile development towards Gear VR and phone specs similar to the Samsung S7 (I have both devices to test).

Any help is appreciated.

You should start here.

Thank you for the information. Looking at the details from the link provided it looks like PBR can be rendered on mobile devices although there is a lot of optimizing in terms of game art and usage of effects.

Looks very challenging haha.

Thanks again!