Payment price

What is price for Poland? Its 19$ + vat or what? I want to know price PLN.

Hey there,

when you order it online using either PayPal or a Credit Card, it will automatically convert the $19 to your local currency using the most recent currency exchange rate. So do not worry about converting it, it will be done for you.

Here is the current exchange rate:

Live rates at 2014.12.07 00:41:00 UTC

19.99 USD = 67.6741 PLN

United States Dollar - 1 USD = 3.38540 PLN

Poland Zlotych - 1 PLN = 0.295386 USD

The value shown above does not include any taxes that are applied in your area, but hopefully this helps give you a better idea.

Also make sure you keep an eye on the following question by another moderator here, he posted that the current format is shown as Euro’s when it should show US Dollars instead (he is also from Poland). So keep an eye on it as the staff at Epic should answer it (it’s the weekend so might take a bit) as soon as possible.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Yap, I think problem is with this Euro format.