Pawns taking ages to replicate on a listen server

I am working on a multiplayer game using a listen server set up.

The server handles the spawning and possession of pawns by player controllers. The issue occurs as the number of players connected increases. When I have 5-6 players, spawning and possession works fine. However, as I go over this number, clients do not replicate the pawns that are spawned for them quickly. Sometimes it can take 60 seconds or longer for them to replicate.

Latency seems fine, regardless of how many clients connect, everything like movement and weapons fire are working well. The listen server sees the newly spawned pawns and knows which controllers possess them, but some clients do not seem to update for a very long time. Other clients seem to update normally.

My pawns are set to be AlwaysRelevant.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should check?

Even though AlwaysRelevant is used, it could be that the initial relevancy check is just not happening when it should. Does calling ForceNetUpdate on new pawns work? Seems like the issue may be lack of network optimization if the problem increases as clients connect.

Thanks for answering. In the end it turns out that a physics plug in I’ve been using has really big network overheads. Seemed to manifest in weird ways. I’ve avoided some of it by making a lot more of my events reliable.