Pawns don't hear noises

For my game, I have some enemy AI characters that are supposed to detect players when seeing or hearing them. They can also see or hear some mini-flare grenades emitting noises, and go and look at them.

These characters have a PawnSensingComponent on them (with “Hear Noises” option on) which is already reacting when a player or a mini-flare grenade (which is a Pawn) has been seen.

But they’re not reacting to any noise… The method attached to the OnHearNoise delegate of the sensing component is never executed…

In the mini-flare grenade component, I have added a PawnNoiseEmitter component (auto-activated), and I regularly call the node PawnMakeNoise (with loudness equal to 1, and self as noise maker) in the BP logic on the server-side (thanks to a custom event executed on the server and reliable). But still no noise detected…

Any idea about what could be wrong?

I believe this is a known bug. See this link:

Thanks for the info!

This has now been resolved in epic/master, see On hear noise event not working in 4.5 - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums on how to apply to 4.5.1-src