Pawns are having their Mesh's culled on the client when out of view

I was being silly. There’s a CVar at the top of ShooterCharacter, that is enabled by default, that is called NetEnablePauseRelevancy. Disabling that fixes it (i’m assuming this was added in 4.16)

This occurs on 4.16 and 4.17, but not 4.15.

When using the shooter game, if a client can’t see another player, that players skeletal mesh appears to get culled (even when setting the Pawns to be always relevant). This doesn’t appear to happen to the server (if using a listen server). They are then quite slow at drawing again, so you can easily see a noticable pop.


  • Create a new ShooterGame project + launch

  • Create a new Default level

  • Scale the floor by 10 on x and y

  • Add a cube to the side of the start point, and extend it in length and height to make a sort of wall

  • Set game mode to Shooter_TeamDeath match

  • Play in editor with 2 players

  • As the client, move to the end of the wall, and look towards the server character

  • Strafe either side of the wall

    As you strafe, you can see the mesh for the server character pop in and out.

My project involves drawing the meshes with a post process, so that part of my project is just completely broken with this. I can’t see any noticeable change in the source, or in the change lists, to account for this being intentional.
Note: i have not tried this on anything other than the shooter game