Pawn networking


I ve just create a pawn. I want to move it in multiplayer environment.
I manage simply input to increase speed, and I use speed to add force to this pawn.

I disable physic on remote, and let it on authority

I calculate a vector to add force on my static mesh, and call a custom event runninng on server to add force to this static mesh

through print string, I see world location changing onserver side.
But for now, how to broadcast new position to client side?

Thank you for help

Ok solved.

First, you have to create movement only if you are the controller of the pawn.

After calculation, call a custom event running on server to apply forces (because on client side, physics is disabled)

After applying forces, retrieve the location, and the rotation of the pawn, and call a new custom event, replicated as multicast, and apply this two vector/rotator to the pawn.

Hi, there’s a mistake in here, my client does not simulate physics, but the client on the server does.

Hey bud, did you figure this out by any chance?