Pawn navigated by AI is sometimes stucked for a while

i’ve got simple level which is just big flat rectangle with navmesh on it a one pawn. Pawn got FloatingPanwMovement component and AI controller with simple behavior tree. Behavior tree just randomly pickup one from target point actors and pawn is moved by move to behavior task to that actor, than he pickup another one and so on. The problem is that sometimes he is stucked for a while( few seconds) while trying to reach next target. He just stand and doesn’t move. I’ve turned on visLog and when that happens it always look like this

The pawn is a red cross and he is always stucked when the path, green line is to close to the corner of the blue square like you can see on the picture. Most of the time he somehow manage to get through after a while but sometimes he is stucked there forever. Any help appreciated.

Vislog should also give you some text based information. Would you mind sharing it? Also, the image is very dark and I can’t tell if there are any obstacles and what’s the scale. Are your tiles that small or is the camera so high? If the tiles are small think about making them larger :wink:



Here is another example of the situation. I have turned on rendering of the ground so it’s not so dark.

This is the log for the key on the timeline which belongs to the picture above

And this is key on the timeline right after

Camera is bound to player, 6500 cm above him. Player is the small grey egg like thing right bellow the path.

I have made a small example project where can be seen the problem. Patroller actor get stuck after a while of patrolling.

It might be because the capsule collision radius is to big, just a guess.

I’m not using collision capsule. I’m using imported collision and i’ve also tried box collision but it doesn’ help at all.

Finally, got it working. The problem was constrain on movement on the z plane. When i turned it off, no contrains it works without problems. It’s strange for me because all target points used the same z but for some reason navigation system sometimes decide to approach some of them from bottom.

ahahha nice

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