Pawn don't replicate moviments and functions on the build, just on Editor

Hey guys,

I’m trying to make a simples multiplayer game here, but I’m facing with a problem right now.

I can test my implementation throw editor, adjusting the number of players and works just fine, but when I make the build, seems like just the player that owns the server works, and replicates the moviment and the functions. For instance, in one window I can move and see the moviment of the other player. But on the other window, I just can make my own moviment. I can’t see the other pawn updating.

Here is all my configuration:

Game Instance


And my pawn (using “I” key just for test)

And here is my pawn setup for replication:


I can join the server with both windows, and I can see each other. But just seems like one is updating.

You guys have some idea?


I dont have time to look at your pics right now, but at first glance I don’t see any of your movement code there.

Other than walking, things like jumping, shooting, punching etc need to be replicated too in the functions.

If you have a “punch” function. Then that function needs to be replicated to the server and all clients.
Sometimes you need to make a custom even thats a multicast event and have that do the core function and then have a separate server event that runs the multi cast event so players and server all see it happen. Its kinda messy like that.

Anyway, I’d suggest when you’re testing in the editor to test with 3 players (2 players and a server, not a dedicated server). Its the two players looking at each other you want to test… and when that works. then make sure the server can see them replicating and they can see the server do same. Then it will work in your packaged game.

Otherwise, tsting with a server and a single client will generally always appear to work.