Pausing game in VR?

I’m stumbled that I have to ask this, but after fighting this issue for two two days, I need to ask for help.
How do I pause game in VR?
I want to pause game and spawn actor containing my pause menu widget in front of player, but I just can’t get it to work…?
I have it set up so that on button pushed event on motion Controller, actor containing menu widget is spawned front of player and game is paused. I have ticked the box for “tick when paused” on the menu actor also, but the menu actor won’t display. If I leave the pause game node from the execution, the menu actor works flawless, but the game won’t be paused.


How can I get this to work?

Is that Paused box meant to be ticked true? If you want it to pause and un-ticked to Un-pause

Yes, you’re right. I took the screen capture after messing settings and it should be ticked to work as described above. Sorry for misleading capture

Finally got it working!
Even though I had set the widget actor to tick when paused, it needed to be set again after spawning in blueprint.
So here’s the solution if anyone else is struggling with this. Add these nodes after spawning and before pause.