Pause and stop in VR

Hi! I want to know how i can start my sequence when putting my oculus rift and it get paused when i remove it. I’m sure im already saw it somewhere but i can’t remember where. So if you guys can help me it would be nice.

This is my blueprint.


Hello ,

Have you tried making use of the “Has Input Focus” Node?

It returns a bool, so I imagine a system that continually checks the value and fires Pause/Play functions on the Sequence Player

Thanks ! sorry but i’m a noob in this blueprint thing hehe i tried to connect it this way but nothing happens. Could you explain to me how i need to connect it?

Thanks for the screencap,

What’s happening here is you’re only firing this logic once (on begin play)

Try using a Tick node before the branch. (In the future you’d want to change this to a Timer/Event so it’s not evaluating every single frame)

You might want to look at the ‘VRNotificationsComponent’ and adding that to your blueprint as well. You can then hook up to the HMDOn/Off events and then Play and Pause the sequences based on whether the use has the headset on or not.

What is your intention with this however, as the Engine is set to pause rendering on the spectator screen already and set max FPS to 10 on Oculus when the player isn’t wearing a headset.

Thank you for helping me! I wanted to do this because i’m going to present this to some clients and if the client suddenly remove the headset at some point for some reason i don’t want him to lose anything from my video.