Pathtracing - WPO - World Position Offset - UE4.27 - problem

I have a problem with Pathtracing in UE4.27. When object - for example tree - has enable - Evaluate World Position Offset - only one side of animated material (leaves in this example) is visible. Material can be even a simplest twosided material with Default Lit shading.

Is it a bug or limitation of Pathtracing? I’ve read documentation for pathtracing and didn’t see any info about WPO.

I read that it is a bug.

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Do You remember the source?

Lol lovely.

This engine’s quality is so far down the drain that if you want to keep using it you have to deal with issues like this daily. OR don’t use it.

Go to a ray tracing branch from nvidia.

At least they try to provide quality assurance on the Nvidia end of things.

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