Pathtracer features in 4.27

I’m not sure if these 2 features are present in some form in pathtracer in 4.27:

Nested dielectrics, volume priorities and volume absorption or absorption for materials like glass in general. Or if there is some other way to achieve good looking glass objects filled with liquids that show some absorbtion…

Additionally it should be possible create automated still sequences from cameras as this was shown in overview video for 4.27, but the tool for auto sequence generation is missing or at least I couldn’t find it so.

Anyone working with pathtracer knows about these features and where to find them in UE?

For glasses water and absorption Nvidia has a branch dealing expressly with caustics.

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Yeah I remember seeing that one. However I’m not sure if that one has some absorption functionality or how it would work with something like glass of wine where you look at the liquid inside another refractive object…

And on top of that nvidias branch is about raytracing and I’m looking to make this work using the pathtracer… Anyways, I’m starting to think these aren’t supported yet.