Pathfinding AI stuck on corners

My Enemy AI travel along a path towards a destination, the path drawn wraps every corner and every hill as close as it can to create the shortest path possible causing my AI to find themselves stuck and walking way too close to walls.

What are my options for adjusting this?

You need to adjust your “navigation agent” properties. Go to Project Settings > Navigation System and tweak values in SupportedAgents. If there’s no entry in the array add one and tweak that. In this case you mostly care about AgentRadius (set it so that it matches the radius of your AI characters).



Hello Mieszko,
On UE4.17, im still having the issue where the char keeps hitting the corners, i changed the settings just like u said, once i increase from the default value of 34, the char doesnt move at all ! i tried visual log, nothing helpful i got from it. could you please suggest what could be the cause ?

Just as Forcas said, when I did this my AI has broken and does not move at all. I tried setting the radius back to the default 35 and still nothing. Tried restarting the editor. Nope. Tried deleting the Supported Agents back to the default. Nope. Restart, still nope. Project appears broken right now. Please help. Edit: I got it working. I believe the trick was to move my nav mesh bounds to force it to rebuild. Not 100% sure that’s what fixed it because I was trying lots of stuff though.