Path-Tracer Render Times

Hi there, I’ve noticed that when rendering image sequences with the Path-Tracer using MRQ, my CPU / GPU usage reported in my task manager are relatively low (3% average for each). I know that the number of lights and sample count affect the render time, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to use more of my CPU / GPU capacity with a local render (or if the reported numbers are incorrect) and if I were to look into hardware upgrades for path tracer rendering specifically, if I’d get faster render times out of a higher clock CPU (currently an i9 3.5GHZ) or a better GPU (currently an RTX 3070 with 8GB Ram). Thanks!

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I have also encountered this issue. If you need to use 100% GPU performance, you need to enable Reference Motion Blur.
I am not sure what the principle is, and I also want to use the 100% method without turning on Reference Motion Blur, but currently I can only provide this assistance to you.
The most direct way to improve rendering speed is to increase the GPU,The CPU has little impact on rendering.