Path Trace Renderer or DLSS in the Render Queue?

Hey all;

Anyone know how to get Path Trace Renderer or DLSS working in the Render Queue?
Any help is greatly appreciated

You can control pathtracer samples with antialiasing “spatial samples”. UE 4.27 Has even a denoiser but somehow UE5 doesn’t.

I was maybe misunderstanding it then. I thought path tracer was its own separate renderer that you select in the viewport options.

So if I understand correctly
“Render Queue > Anti-Aliasing > Spatial Samples” = “Post Process Volume > Samples Per Pixel”
Post Process Volumes > “Max Bounces” - will apply during renders through the render Queue?

Yes exactly… it’s a mess isn’t it?

The whole workflow of rendering out sequences or even still frames is a nightmare compared to how this is handled in offline rendering apps.

Maybe if there would be offline render settings category in postprocess volume and movie render queue should be literally just a queue.

The PathTracer can now be combined with the movie rendering queue tool correctly, at least in the latest development version. The number of rays per pixel can be controlled by changing the anti aliasing sampling in the movie rendering queue;

But now the problem is that PathTracer doesn’t support high fog rendering, which makes fog making very troublesome, and PathTracer can’t render instance grid objects correctly now. Although previous versions can’t render LOD of power grid objects correctly, they can render lod0, but now it’s completely gone, I don’t know what’s going on;

Will PathTracer render support for exponential height fog and power grid objects be provided in 4.27 or not in the near future?