Path string format for "List of maps to include in a packaged game"

In the “Project - Packaging” section of the Project Settings window, you can specify a “List of maps to include in a packaged game”. I’ve entered my map in this field with the format /Game/Maps/MyMap.umap.

I’m having issues getting my game to run after packaging and want to rule out the possibility of the map not being included properly.

Is this format correct? As an aside, it would be much easier if an asset picker were used here instead of a text box.

If you click the little … symbol to the right of the text box you can select maps from an explorer window. You’ll notice when you do this that there is a lot of “…/…/…/…/” before the Game/Maps/mapName.uasset.

The problem with using the … symbol to specify the maps is that it results in an absolute path that is only valid on one user’s machine.

Yup. But it would seem that UE4 does not let you use a relative path for specifying maps to build.

That’s what we’ve found anyway.