Path Follow plugin

please how use open curve editor

For anyone, who gets the following Message on any IOS device:

My solution was to create a Plugins folder and paste in the PathFollow folder from the Marketplace folder. That Plugins folder is located right in the root folder of my project.
That gave me some headache and I hope that I could help someone with my solution.

Is there a way to preview an actor following the spline while playing a sequence in editor?

Hey there,

I have some characters that are walking animations. Please can you explain a simple path follow to use there natural animation speed.
Basically I just want them to walk in a circle.

Please can you help?

Hello. What are changes in update that just came up on Marketplace? Thank you.

Hello everyone!

Just wondering if anyone knows how I can move/edit spline points at runtime…

Tried getting the spline points in BP but could not find the right one.


Good evening. It’s been a while since this post has been active so I hope I’m not digging up skeletons here. Does anybody know how to have a cars wheels turn (steer) as it follows the curve?

Thanks in advance.