Path Follow plugin

UE 4.15 version released on the Marketplace.

Release notes:
New: Inverse rotation on reverse if enabled
New: UseSpeedCurve now writable from BP

Bugfix: LinearStable rotation interpolation returned rotation in world space instead of local space
Bugfix: Proper default initialization for controlled components
Bugfix: Crash in StandaloneGame play mode
Bugfix: Delta rotation (when rotating rotation point) is always applied in local space
Bugfix: Long lasting bug with keeping reference to edited follower component
Bugfix: Crash when setting path to follow to null during simulation (event point and callbacks processing)

Grab your copy here!


man !
this is so cool to use … thanks

looks good!.. .but how much :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I hope you’ll enjoy working with it;)

Good question. 15$ it is.

Where is it? I don´t see it on market!

Thanks for interest;) Unfortunately it’s in submission process. Will be out soon:)

Ideal for a fully-automatic/semi-automatic Rail Shooter. Any plans for a Blueprints Version? Denny provided some cool easing / tweening blueprints functions over here.

Looks great. This would solve a few problems I’ve been having in my project. Is there any way to make the path follower start at a different point on the path, or are they forced to start at the beginning? I’d also like to have several followers moving on the same path. Is this possible?

You could definitely use the plugin in blueprints. It’s basicaly one actor component. I also have blueprint version of the component (it’s using the easing library you’ve mentioned). If there is a demand for blueprint implementation I’ll finish it and release it;)

The follower is currently forced to start at the beginning. But good idea, thx;) I’ll definitely add this feature soon (already on my trello board).
It’s perfectly fine to have several followers on the same path. Each of them is independent on the others so they can have different speed for example.

I personally use Blueprints exclusively in all my projects. Although C++ modules are being accepted on the Marketplace, a majority of shoppers still prefer Blueprint-based modules due to accessibility and support by Epic.

Good point. Will plan this for first update;) Thx

I’ve just launched plugin’s webpage. And while the plugin is under Epic’s QA testing you can even purchase the plugin as early access. Checkit out:

Looking good Jiri.Dockal. What considerations are applied to using the system for dynamic path creation in real-time to support AI Path Navigation, Procedural/Manual Spline Creation (for Animation)?

Thx. The Follower component can follow any path as long as it is spline (USplineComponent). You’re able to change a spline to follow during runtime. You can even modify/edit spline points during runtime and the follower will behave correctly (except the AutoRoll feature which is currently not recomputed during runtime if a spline changes). So yes it’s totally possible to create/modify a path during runtime. Does this answer your question?:slight_smile:

Looks really interesting :slight_smile: looking forward to get it.

I believe so. I would need to spawn the Spline during real-time. If I an apply the PathComponent afterwards, then it should work just fine.

Check out new roll curve editor feature. You can take full control over follower rolling using well known UE4 curve editor. Useful for roller coaster like looping, twisting or just to fine tune the rolling along a path.
You can get it right now for a discounted price of 10$. Just send an inquiry to or via PM. Enjoy!

Need a feature: import max’s spline.