Pasted Blueprint Based Decorator Has Properties Reset

This can make copying/pasting blueprint based decorators to multiple composite nodes more work than it should be.

Repro steps:

  • Edit some behavior tree
  • Add a blueprint based decorator (one derived from BTDecorator_BlueprintBase) to a composite node
  • Edit one of its properties (Ex: set ‘Observer aborts’ to ‘Self’)
  • Copy and paste decorator (destination can be same or different composite node)
  • Note that pasted decorator’s properties have been reset (Ex: ‘Observer aborts’ is now set to ‘None’)

This only seems to happen to blueprint based decorators, fortunately. The other decorator types appear to copy/paste just fine.

Hey j-m_v,

I’ve tested this, and I don’t see the same behavior occurring in 4.15.1. If after testing in 4.15.1, you see the same issue occurring, please feel free to leave a comment to reopen this thread and we can continue to investigate.

Thanks for your report.

Have a great day

Will do! You’re very welcome. Have a great day as well.