Passing arguments to server with JoinSession

Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to create a simple game with a dedicated server to which I would like to join with my whole Steam-Lobby.

What I have so far:

  1. Steam is running on the dedicated server and the clients
  2. One client (master-client) can invite multiple other clients by creating a (Steam)-Session (using the AdvancedSessions plugin)
  3. The master-client can then search for the dedicated server and join it, which destroys all sessions from the clients in its lobby (need to do that as one cannot join another session while in a session) and calls JoinSession() for each client in the lobby to connect to the dedicated server

The problem:

Now, I would like to put all the players that were in the same Steam-lobby into the same team. However, to do that, the server needs the information about the joining Steam-lobby, or at least where each player originates from. Before using the Session stuff, I was able to do that by calling “open xx.xx.xx.xx:7777?Param1=foo?Param2=bar”. Those parameters where then obtainable by the server during InitNewPlayer(). However, JoinSession() has no option to pass any parameters.

I am currently stuck as I have no clue on how to proceed from here. Is my general approach correct? If yes, how am I able to pass information from my Steam-lobby to the server while joining?

Thanks in advance for any help!

@Chrisss50 Did you ever find a solution for this?