Pass variables on JoinSession

I have the basic stuff up for creating and joining online game sessions in blueprints.

But I’m stuck on figuring out how to pass a variable, such as username, when you join a session?

Hi ,

The session joining functionality in Blueprint doesn’t support custom variables at the moment, unfortunately. Once connected, you can always send values to the server via a “Run on server” event.

Also note that if you’re using Steam, player’s nicknames will automatically be set to their Steam name.

The problem is that once I’ve joined the session, I don’t have access to the variable anymore. Is there a neat spot I can save it off and have access to it even if I join and leave a bunch of sessions all over?

You can try using a custom GameInstance class, the GameInstance persists across level changes.

That works, thank you.
Now it’s just the issue of getting it added to an array on the server…