Pass target point array into some task

I have 2 spawns(A and B).
Spawn BP has an array of target point(TP) references. Spawn A array is filled by TPs 1,2,3,4. Spawn B - 5,6,7,8.
How to pass those arrays into AI logic(i need to access them in BT Task to set BB key “next checkpoint”)? All bots spawned on A should follow 1>2>3>4, all bots spawned on B should follow 5>6>7>8.

I think best way to do so in BP it to pass object containing arrays and access arrays from object refrence, or access it from other means, for example if your Spawn BP is GameMode simply use to access node to access current GameMode cast it to your class and access array.

If your array don’t change during game (single level.match), i don’t see anything wrong by simply copy array (simply by setting array varable in spawned actor), at most you probbaly only gonna waste few or tens KBs of memory

Hi. Thx. It was #1 in my suggestions list but a bit later i realised: why do i need to pass an array of targets. I’ve made another BP “checkpoint” with 2 variables “nextCP” and “prevCP” so i can dynamically change my path on some conditions during gameplay. Now it looks like a very flexible way to do it. And in this case i need to pass only first checkpoint into ai blackboard.
But I still thank you for your response.