Pass position pawn from client to server for move pawn

Hi all, i have a little problem that i can’t solve. I create 4 pawn from the server, and i control the pawn from 3 client (+1 host server), of course the host don’t have problems, when he moves he is replicated by all clients to perfection
BUT otherwise (the clients) no, so I’m looking for a way to " tell" the server where clients roam.

So i think “i can send a vector with actor position from clients to the server and then move the respective pawn with set actor location ON the server that update all clients position”. My logic is correct ?

I made this with print for see if the vector “vetttore” that i create on server will be update from client, and of course he don’t. With this structure he always print the default position of the player, BUT if i manually write XYZ on the client all work perfectly (???). Is like “get actor position” don’t work well directly from client to the server variable…

Sorry for my English , but if anyone can help me please help : (