Parts of Skybox disappear/fade out when moving/turning

So, ran into a wierd problem while working with cubemaps today. So, I made some colorful skies in spacescape and decided that I wanted them to have stars, so I made some star layers in spacescape and exported them out separately. I brought everything into UE4 and put them all into one sky material, added together. The wierd problem that I have is that when I get into the level, or even just in the editor, when I move around or move the camera, The smallest stars disappear and the larger stars have their edges blur, and then when I stop moving everything slowly fades back into as it should be. I thought it might be motion blur, so I turned that off in the post process in the level, but it still persists. Anyone know how to fix this?

Note: Tried turning off auto exposure (max and min set to 1) but that didn’t change anything.

The stars are hard to see unless you fullsize the images.


Might be from temporal anti-aliasing, try turning it off.

Hey! That was it! Changing it to FXAA fixed it! Thank you so much! Man i love this community!

Actually, didn’t like how flickery things were with FXAA, so went looking for more AA related stuff and found Responsive AA in the skybox material. Turned that on and now it works with Temporal AA. :smiley: