Parts of FBX disappearing

Hi all,
First off, I don’t really know if this is in the right place or if it has already been solved, I wasn’t really sure what to search if I’m quite honest as I have NO IDEA why this is happening.

I made a mesh in Blender and exported it as .fbx, and imported into UE4. I receive no errors upon import. From some view, the mesh looks totally fine and exactly as designed; however when rotating the viewpoint, most of the mesh disappears. It does it in edit and play mode and I have absolutely no idea on how to solve it :(. It’s probably something stupid as I’m much of a noob I’m afraid.

Any help or advice is appreciated.

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P.S: The forums seem to be having trouble at this time, and as such I am unable to post screenshots of my issue

well without seeing a pic I cant really know what the problem could be but maybe some of your faces normals are flipped, check this thread, it might help.

the easiest/best way to post pictures is to upload them to an image hosting site like photobucket and then link them in your post.

hope that helps:)

I had a similar issue and solved it tonight after major headache.

Basically, in max, my model had multiple pieces with the same name so the exporter and/or importer would only import 1 object of each name. Make sure you have unique name to all your objects before exporting. Let me know if that works for you.

Update : OP, your problem is most likely face culling. In unreal engine the back face of an object will no be rendered (unless you specify to do so) for performance reasons. You can flip your faces or in UE4 mesh editor, tick double-sided geometry and in the material editor tick two sided material. Should work

Hi guys, thanks for these responses.

I think it’s more likely to be the face culling heartlessphil suggested as the front is perfectly fine, and it’s only the back that suffers; however flipping the normals did help with another FBX I was having issues with, so thanks for that .

However, enabling Double Sided Geometry hasn’t worked, I’m still not seeing the back.

Here’s two screenshots

Thanks again!:smiley:

Is your material two sided?

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Worked thanks!