Particles work everywhere except when placed as an Animation Notify

I’m trying to add a particle effect to a very simple animation for a gun. All it has is 3 frames, and on the second frame it should cue a sound effect and play a muzzle flash. The sound cue immediately works, but when I do the exact same thing for particles, no matter which particle effect I choose for the Play Particle Effect it does absolutely nothing. The triangle count doesn’t go up, nothing changes, no sign of particles anywhere.

The particle effects work fine in the main level editor, when I play the game, and even when I preview any of them on the socket in the gun’s skeleton. They seem to be set up and working correctly. But when I try to make it a Play Particle Effect notify, it doesn’t matter which effect I choose, it simply does nothing.

Can anyone point me in a helpful direction? Is there a place where particles can be activated or deactivated in the animation editor? I’m following the Animation Notifies video in the Unreal Documentation, but when they select an asset it works and mine doesn’t.

Just in case anyone else has this issue, the problem was that the particle effect emitters were set to loop infinitely so the particle animation notifies were being detected and killed as soon as they went off. The solution was to go into the particle effect and change each emitter’s Emitter Loops to 1 instead of 0. (For beginners like me, that’s under the “Required” section of each emitter, in the Duration section of the details panel)

I just want to thank you for this reply as I was having the same problem and you just saved me probably some hours of experimenting and figuring things out.