Particles wont fade

I tried following this tutorial:

But no matter what I do the particles wont fade over time. It seems that the particles will use the alpha or color I set initially but wont fade over time. I have tried going through the check list over and over again. My particle material has “ParticleColor” with Multiply. I have tried switching from Unlit to Default Lit and back. I have tried removing my texture from the equation and just using the alpha of the ParticleColor as the Opacity. I have tried to options other than DistributionFloatConstantCurve in Color Over Life, but nothing really seems to work.

Make sure that the module “Color Over life” where alpha, given the correct time value in the curve, usually from “0” to “1”


I did. The starting alpha is 0.5 instead of 1, because I didn’t want the particles to be fully translucent. They stay 0.5 until they just disappear. Changing back to 1 didn’t fix it.

Check blend mode is translucent