Particles Won't Appear In Editor

I’ve developed a particle in Cascade, and wanted to drag it into my level. Upon doing so, the icon for the particle system and it’s matching pivot appeared, as it should, however the particle itself isn’t there. When I play the level, it appears, but in the Editor, it won’t. It even shows up correctly in Cascade. I’ve enabled viewing Particle Sprites in the Show drop down box, and I’ve also enabled the Particle System Helper in the Quick Menu. This has never occurred before, as my previous project easily generated particles without question. It’s very unhelpful having to push around the particle in the editor and having to keep constantly checking it ingame to make sure I don’t have to move it.

Hey Phalmark -

Two things right off the bat to check. Have you set the Particle System to auto activate in the Particle’s Details panel? And, Have you turned Real Time off in the Editor view? (CTRL-R).

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Should’ve known it was something small! Real Time was the fix! Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly!

Thanks dude! [X] Realtime fixed it for mee too :slight_smile:

I love you so much for that answer :3