particles using cutout-materials have serious 'black flickering' problems

see attached files for problem in motion.

particles that use a ‘cutout’ material display heavy black flickering issues.
There’s various other threads on the issue, and some mentioned ‘dbuffer decals’ as the culprit, however this is not the case for me.
One interesting find i made, is that this problem exists in the ‘particle itself’ apparently, as the problem shows on the particle after changing the ‘dbuffer decals’ flag, causing ALL shaders to recompile, and even during recompiling the problem shows on the particles.

Setting the emitter to GPU-particles, DOES fix the problem, but that also makes other functions i’d still like to use unusable, and i suppose i could just use translucent materials instead, though that seems like a poor solution when i just want to use a cutout-material, as translucency just makes the cost go up for no reason.

it’d be nice if there was a way i could use CPU particles along with cutout materials.