Particles update order


I’m working on a project with fast moving vehicles, and I’ve attached particle emitters to them. The problem is that it seems the particles are emitted “one frame too late”, I.E, the position used to spawn particles is behind the current location of my vehicle.

I think it’s because the particles are spawned before the physic update, is there a way to change this easily ? Or maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Thank you for any help !

Hello all,
I seem to have the same problem with really fast moving object and emitter attached to it. My purpose is doing a trail and I would love the origin of the trail to always be attached to the vehicle.
Unfortunatly as the speed increase the distance between my object and the first emitted particle slowly increase so that my trail seems to slightly move backward and obviously outside my camera view (as my camera is following the object).
Anyone knowing how to solve that or having a trick to avoid it would be extremly helpful.
Thanks for your help.