Particles stop working on play?

I have a pretty standard particle of wind blowing. It’s not GPU or anything and auto activate is turned on. When I run my game, all instances of this particle simply stop.

Snow blowing in editor:

When game is in simulate or play mode:

It works if during the play mode I select the particle, turn off ‘auto activate’, and then turn it back on again.
Recreating a new particle actor doesn’t help, so it must be something inside the particle that makes it not automatically play, I can’t figure this out.


Though randomly changing every option available, this seemed to unbreak them. Not sure why it doesn’t come this way by default, or how it got changed in the first place.

FINALLY! It work’s like a charm :slight_smile:

I’ve overcome this problem and just found the particle’s lod been reversed in cascade editor. The LOD 1 is usual but LOD 0 has merely nothing. I simply delete and rebuild the lods, and it works. Wish to be helpful.