Particles not colliding properly on jump

Hello! I have a problem with my particles not colliding as they when I jump/am in air or falling. The particles follow my character pawn and SHOULD collide even when I’m in air. I have my Collision Distance set to 5000 (have also tried having it on 10 000 and 100 000… yeah I know) but that doesn’t change it. I’m working on a 2d platformer and have therefore locked the collision, spawn and velocity to XZ. I’ve searched around for a bit but have only found bug reports or increasing the Collision Distance. Is this a bug? Or am I missing something? The collision works perfectly when my pawn is on the floor.

Hi tamakerii,

I was unable to reproduce your issue. I tested this by giving the player a particle emitter component and having the spawned particles spawn additional particles upon collision. Here is a GIF of my test.


Hi Ed, just found out my issue. I had to lock the YZ axis’ of the velocity and size, and the collision locked on XY! Now everything looks great! Sorry for taking your time, I’ll be sure to try everything next time :slight_smile: