Particles move away from center?

Hello, I have a bunch of triangles I want to spawn away from the center, sort of like a sun or a hit effect.

I can’t figure out how to set their origin position, they always spawn perfectly in the center. How can I fix this?


This can be achieved using the sphere (initLoc) module located here: Location Modules | Unreal Engine Documentation
You can also set velocity values for the particles based upon their position within the volume.

Unfortunately that doesn’t give the right effect…

It just scatters the particles around in a sphere shape (like the vid in link you gave).
While ‘Start Location’ just offsets the entire particle system.

I finally found it! Your Sphere idea got me checking out all the other location modules, and it was /Location/PivotOffset that moved the triangles away from the center properly. Thanks :slight_smile:


No problem.
Glad you got it working.