[PARTICLES] Intriguing means of creating inexpensive explosions


I’m pretty sure it’s been done before, but I would like to share a little discovery I made. I have watched Epic’s breakdown of the Infiltrator Demo and how they used FumeFX and layered planes to render out the particles. I have tried to reverse-engineer that to a lesser extent, and have yielded a means of making explosions look more full. Instead of rendering layered planes, I have rendered an explosion I made in Blender from the Forward and Up axes, and used a lerp between the two with World_Aligned_Blend as the alpha. The result yielded a single-polygon flipbook interpolating between the angle of view from side to top and back, which could prove useful for anyone wanting a super inexpensive particle explosion. I have no images at the moment since the files are on a separate computer at the time of post, but those with the means and know-how are welcome to try. One could perhaps use a particle cloud to make the explosion feel more voluminous, but I have yet to try that. I will provide images once I have access to my other computer.