particles internal velocity goes wild on direction

Hi, im trying to create a proper gun smoke particles to gtfo from the gun tube (forward)
so i’ve set the internal speed direction as -Y, but instead, im getting a wild angle dependant on the direction i’m (camera) facing. look the screens:
1: “ok” case (the only good angle)

2: camera rotated 90 degrees LEFT from the previous case, as u may see, the smoke goes around 180 degrees while the camera turns only 90. i simply cannot get what could cause it.

3: 210 degrees~

here are some source infos:

thanks! feel free to ask for more!

P.S: no, im not moving/turning in the screenshots.

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solved it!
the rotation is set relative to the parent component, so by plugging control rotation inside it, it had some kind of a mathematical effect of “rotation^2” instead “rotation(x)+180”
just set the constants without any input as it would be with a regular actor component.