Particles how to use colour over life!?

I’m working on some particles and I’ve been trying to get the colour over lifetime to work with no success just doesn’t seem to change the colour of my material whatever I do is there something I’m missing? I’m wondering if maybe I’m using the wrong file type for my base colour image in the material atm I’m just saving it as a psd. which seems to work with everything else except the colour.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I assume that you have a Particle Color node hooked up into Base Color or Emissive Color?

No no I did not :stuck_out_tongue: thanks In my defence Last night was literally the first time I have ever used the particle system.

Thanks for the help I’ll give that a shot and see if it fixes my problem.

No problem, just let me know if it worked.

sorry thought I had replied to this yeah it worked thanks for the help appreciate it.

Don’t suppose you know how to get opacity to work the material i’m using is mask based so there is no opacity node which I’m assuming is the reason the opacity over life is not working? is there a node I need to use in the material.

Can you show a picture of your setup?

Sorry forgot that I had posted it’s just a simple set up here’s a video of the material and the particle in action ignore the fact that it looks crappy for some reason it looks dodgy in the preview window but renders fine in the game.