[Particles] How to emit bursts and how to add gravity ?

I am after plumes of dirt / dust from ground explosion that rise up quickly in a bunch, slow down and fall back down on the ground (fading away before reaching ground).

I can’t figure out how to emit bunch of particles from an area (not from a point as by default), how to emit them in a burst instead of continuously emitting them and then how to bring them down to the ground using “gravity”.

Currently I use Velocity over Life to shoot them up and Drag to slow them down at the upper point.

Can anyone please explain how to get those things done? Thanks

P.S. CPU particles, as I can’t use GPU particles.


I’m a bit rusty with FX so it might not 100% correct, if someone knows a better way please post!

1.) For the Area to spawn the particles:

Location -> Sphere (or a other shape, you can also define a “box” with Initial Location)

2.) For the Burst:

In your Emitter:

Go to Spawn change Spawn rate to 0. Add a Point to the Burst list and set a count value.

It should spawn in Bursts now. You can then set Emitter Loops to 1 (in required module -> duration).

3.) To “add Gravity”

Just use an Acceleration or Const. Acceleration module using negative values on Z. You can also play with X and Y values for fake “wind direction”.

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What DizcoDev said.