Particles from Niagara affected by different vector fields in a scene

I’m trying to create the effect where there are different vector fields in a scene and emitted particles will flow in the direction of the vectors. I’m able to do this with a Vector Field Volume and a Cascade particle emitter. However, I can’t figure out how to do this with Niagara.

Under Particle Spawn, I’ve added a Sample Vector Field and it points to my vector field. I then added Apply Vector Field and set Vector Field Intensity as Force to 1.0, Vector Field Intensity as Velocity to 1000, and Vector Field Velocity Tightness to 1.0. In the preview, the particles don’t seem to be affected in any way.

Aside from this, I don’t think specifying the vector field in the Niagara system asset is what I want as I want the particles to be affected by vector fields in a scene.

Is this supported in Niagara?

I guess another way to ask this question is how do I get a Niagara System to work with Vector Field Volume actors? In Cascade, I would add a Global Vector Fields to the emitter but I did not find a similar option in Niagara.

I have exactly the same question. For my case, the global vector field is critical so that the emitter could move freely and particles sampled at their new positions in the vector field. Can’t seem to find a similar function in Niagara documentation using global vector field. Any suggestions?

Good question. I’ve been wondering about this. Pretty new to Niagara and even newer to vector fields. When your search leads you to a forum post with no clear answer, you know you hit something that probably doesn’t work (yet?).

I am also genuinely interested. I tried to add two vector field sampling modules in the same emitter, with the corresponding apply vector field modules. In pure theory it should work, as each of the nodes are adding to the transient forces to be finally used by the solver at the end of the stack. But in reality it does not work, it only applies the first of them. I was thinking about developing a customised module performing vectors sum in the sampled points. Any suggestion?

I really miss somebody from Epic giving us some feedback on this subject. I consider global fields a super powerful tool for Niagara, but as of today I found no solid reference.