Particles aren't reflected by PlanarReflection


I’m working on a sort of an Asteroids clone; I took the TwinStickShooter template, created a new default level, edited the skysphere to somewhat resemble deep space & turned the initial Floor into a giant Planar Reflection surface.

This surface uses the ShowOnly list, and so far it seems to work exactly as I wanted it to (the game itself takes place on top of the planar reflection surface, everything reflected acts as my level’s background).

I now created a particle effect meant to resemble a cloud (I took a Smoke emitter from one of the Starter Content’s particles & made its movement a bit more subtle); once I was happy with how it looked, I dragged it into my level & added its instance to my planar reflection’s ShowOnly list.

No matter what I do - my particle effect just won’t get reflected.

I saw some OLDER answers & tried messing around with my AA configuration, but it still doesn’t seem to work under any AA mode…

So, why is my planar reflection surface ignoring my particle effect?

What am I missing here? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Problem solved, so for future reference:
I noticed that other particle systems get reflected properly off my planar reflection surface once added to the ShowOnly list; I started going over the differences between the materials in use & the particle systems themselves, and once I changed my Cloud emitter’s Screen Alignment (under the Required tab) from PSA Square to PSA Facing Camera Position - my cloud just started appearing perfectly on my planar reflection.