Particles aren't behaving during in game as they do in the engine?

So i’m working on a few particles for my scene, however, after i customized the particle to look how i wanted it, both in the particle editor and scene editor.
However when i run the environment suddenly the particles are looking completely different.

m42u78W.png vs ghmm4Sg.png

is there something that can cause this to happen?

Do you have an LOD setup on the Particle System? It looks like when you’re running the game it can’t handle the spawning of the particles and so drops the spawn rate.

I think you can force-disable it per-emitter but can’t remember where… either way it seems like you may have a performance issue somewhere. Do ‘Stat UnitGraph’ in the console and post results here

It indeed turned out to be an LOD issue,
For some reason the “higher” LOD was a almost empty particle system while the low end lod was actually the intended particle system.
Removing the LOD on the particles got rid of the problem

this is the current statgraph:

Though i still need to see how i can optimise “everything” about my scene so it will run good on the Vive, as now with the vive enabled i’m floating between 60 and 80 while i need a solid 90