Particles and Materials learning resources?

Hello community.

Im looking for some learning resources for materials and particles. Do someone know some good websites or YT channels that offer deeper/advanced knowledge?
Of course i already read some tutorials and seen many videos but all are mostly simple. I have motivation and passion to learn new things in UE so can someone hit me with some good/advanced learning resources? :slight_smile:

Im already very good at blueprints (9/10 knowledge) because on BPs there are many tutorials and advanced also, but in materials i have knowledge like 4/10 and in particles 1-2/10 so i want to improve my skills.
Im also trying to self-learn materials and particles but its very slow.

Thanks for any responses.

Besides UnrealEngine’s own channel: that should cover quite a bit of cascade and material related things.

Learned me pretty good!

Thanks a lot. This is godlike tutorial :slight_smile: i did maybe only 25% of all for now but it pushed me pretty forward!

No problem! I learned so much about this stuff from Imbue FX and 3dMotive. Bill Kladis works for Epic now i think, hopefully he’ll continue to impart his knowledge for us in the future!

+1 for Luos’ Youtube channel