Particle Visibility Problem

I have a rain particle effect and a leaf falling effect in my scene positioned static above my player. My problem is when looking straight forward the particles do not render in my vision, however when I look up they pop back. They dissapear when I look forward again. Not sure if it makes a difference but it is a VR game, however this happens even when not using VR and just playing the game in the viewport. I have tried repositioning the emitters, changing the angle and playing round with other settings but I must be missing somehting.

Solved this problem, it was a bounds problem, solved by increasing the bounds volume in a menu that appears when you first edit the particle emitter

I am having a similar issue but with the Fire effect that comes with the starter content package. long as I am under it( guessing in the bounds area) I can look around and see but when I am out of that area I can see long as I am looking at it but not if I look down at the ground. All I want this thing to do is give me a light sourceā€¦ How do I fix this problem without using point lights?

Never mind I found it.