Particle Vector parameter not working?

Tried looking for this question but couldn’t find anything related to this.

I’m trying to SetVectorParameter to a particle effect in blueprint so it draws a bullet trace effect, it does that but not in the same direction the TraceHit debug line is being draw, actually its allways going to the same direction (around midle of the map), from the tip of the gun. I tried setting the Vector Param in the same way as done in the ShooterGame, with the hit location of the linetrace, with the enpoint of the trace, with nothing at all, its always the same result. Maybe I’m missing something?


You can see the light grey effect going from the tip of the gun to the right side. It doesn’t matter what parameter I set as vector param in the particle system, its always doing the same.

I had the same problem just today with my beam effect.

Make sure you set all the Min/Max settings for the parameter.



Hope it helps!